Friday, March 03, 2017

Patiently- Impatiently......

\('o') Ok, raise your hand if you've ever regretted trying to "give yourself a little "haircut," or figuring that "baby bangs" would be an awesome choice! ;) It's so much fun changing up our hair. Thankfully, cut or COLOR, it's all reversible eventually. LOL 


Dee Dee said...

I have been one year into growing out a severely layered shag haircut (not sure what my hairstylist was thinking, but she got a little carried away), and decided to grow out my bangs last summer, so I completely understand. You look fine and I am sure you have discovered the magic of bobby pins (I sure have, and never thought I'd be so enamored of something so simple).
I also want to let you know that I wrote on your blog last summer because I was frustrated with my hairstylist's reaction when I told her I no longer want color. Well I am six months into growing out my natural color and I can see some pretty, subtle silver streaks in the front, along with my natural brown hair. When I went back to my stylist for just a cut, she seemed fine but a few weeks ago, after she had finished styling it, she started getting on my about how I need to start thinking about color! I was so annoyed! She even had the nerve to say something like "all that grey you have is not flattering to your eyes and skin tone. . . grey hair is dead hair" I just grinned and kept quiet because I didn't want to argue. I am sure my decision is upsetting her cashflow, but she really needs to respect my decision. I have been a very loyal client for 16 years, and I don't want her to think she can sway me from something I am determined to do. I also don't think I need to give her a long list of reasons why I want to quit the hair color--saying "no" to color because I don't want to should suffice.

Lauren said...

Hi Dee Dee!

Thanks for writing. Yes, I remember your comment! I'm sorry that your hairstylist is giving you a hard time. It sounds like you have been a client for a long time. She should respect your feelings, and yes, no long list of your "whys" needed. I lucked out in finding my stylist who is so pro-gray hair. She helped a ton. It sounds like you are following your heart on YOUR gray and that's important! :) Also, yes, love bobby pins!!!!!!