Friday, March 03, 2017

Patiently- Impatiently......

\('o') Ok, raise your hand if you've ever regretted trying to "give yourself a little "haircut," or figuring that "baby bangs" would be an awesome choice! ;) It's so much fun changing up our hair. Thankfully, cut or COLOR, it's all reversible eventually. LOL 


Dee Dee said...

I have been one year into growing out a severely layered shag haircut (not sure what my hairstylist was thinking, but she got a little carried away), and decided to grow out my bangs last summer, so I completely understand. You look fine and I am sure you have discovered the magic of bobby pins (I sure have, and never thought I'd be so enamored of something so simple).
I also want to let you know that I wrote on your blog last summer because I was frustrated with my hairstylist's reaction when I told her I no longer want color. Well I am six months into growing out my natural color and I can see some pretty, subtle silver streaks in the front, along with my natural brown hair. When I went back to my stylist for just a cut, she seemed fine but a few weeks ago, after she had finished styling it, she started getting on my about how I need to start thinking about color! I was so annoyed! She even had the nerve to say something like "all that grey you have is not flattering to your eyes and skin tone. . . grey hair is dead hair" I just grinned and kept quiet because I didn't want to argue. I am sure my decision is upsetting her cashflow, but she really needs to respect my decision. I have been a very loyal client for 16 years, and I don't want her to think she can sway me from something I am determined to do. I also don't think I need to give her a long list of reasons why I want to quit the hair color--saying "no" to color because I don't want to should suffice.

Lauren said...

Hi Dee Dee!

Thanks for writing. Yes, I remember your comment! I'm sorry that your hairstylist is giving you a hard time. It sounds like you have been a client for a long time. She should respect your feelings, and yes, no long list of your "whys" needed. I lucked out in finding my stylist who is so pro-gray hair. She helped a ton. It sounds like you are following your heart on YOUR gray and that's important! :) Also, yes, love bobby pins!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Lauren!! I've been reading your blog for a long time, and you are such a breath of fresh air! I am beginning my FOURTH attempt at growing out my gray. I first saw you on Pinterest and you have been my gray inspiration ever since! Your posts all have such a positive vibe, and that gives me hope as a mom who faces challenges with schooling, as I have a daughter with TBI and a son with ADHD. I can tell that you truly care about the people who read your blog. You are genuine and kind, and I find myself reading your blog whenever I need a little pick me up. You really have a special ability to reach people. I just wanted to let you know that it truly means a lot and that sharing your experiences really is helping people. Thank you so very much and the best of luck to you and your family.

Lauren said...

Hi Heather V!

Oh, your comment was just so so kind. Thank you, that touched my heart. I needed that today. <3
Thank you so much.

I'm glad that we don't have to walk this gray hair read alone, and the same for parenting. They are both emotional and special and exasperating and so so worth it. :)

Sending you lots of love and thanks Heather!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi there!!

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog!! I was looking for people around my age (34) with gray hair, and kept seeing older women or young women with fake "granny" hair. Which by the way I hate that term! You look absolutely stunning! Which gives me hope to stay strong!! I currently have a little over 4 inches of brown and scattered white hair on the crown. Again couldn't leave without thanking you for your boldness because it has given me motivation to keep at it!!

((hugs from North Carolina)) :)