Monday, May 11, 2015

\(^-^)/ Jon's Kickstarter Campaign! \(^-^)/

Hi everyone! I'm so so EXCITED to announce that my husband Jon has just launched his very first Kickstarter campaign tonight! It's for a watch that he developed called "The GrillTimer!" It combines outdoor cooking with a wristwatch for a perfectly cooked dish each time! Have a look at the video below if you would like to learn all about it. I'M NOT ASKING MY FRIENDS AND READERS TO BUY ONE! I just wanted to PLEASE PLEASE ASK YOU TO CONSIDER SPREADING THE WORD ONLINE OR BY MOUTH if you happen to like it or know some BBQ enthusiasts! The GrillTimer is the PERFECT FATHER'S DAY GIFT, birthday gift, groomsmen's gift, graduation gift and more. 
smile emoticon The more people who see the campaign, the better! Anything would help and I appreciate it more than I can say. heart emoticon Thank you very much. I'm super proud of Jon and I also believe in the GrillTimer's ability to make people smile and to come together over a great meal. \(^-^)/ Thank you so much friends!

Jon runs a small cookware company called "Little Griddle." Here's a How Bourgeois coupon just for you if you happen to be interested in outdoor cooking. Look, recognize that backyard? Lol. Have fun everyone! 

 A very big "Thank you!" to my new friend  and reader Shawna for this great emoji today!!! I'm WAY overdue for some new ones. 


LoriD said...

Yay for a new hair post! I am 6 months into my transition. Seems to be taking forever. I have chin length bob which I love but am really playing with the idea of getting some more length off to speed things up. Maybe something a bit asymmetrical- not sure. I can only dream that my colour will be as gorgeous as yours- and I love,love your new cut. It looks so flirty and fun!! I hope that you like it too- sometimes I've had cuts that I love for the first week and then not so much. Lol. I had 8 inches off all at once when I got my bob and it took some getting used to with regards to styling it and yes, I missed the ponytail days- they're just so easy!! As always love reading about your life and look forward to your next post.

LoriD said...

This looks awesome! I hope it does well! So much creativity in your family!!

Lauren said...


Hi!!!! THANK YOU!!!! <3 <3 <3
Your hair WILL look awesome, just hang in there! Oh my gosh, yes, I remember that 6 month mark. I know that it might feel like it's taking forever right now, but you have my promise, it will start to speed up once you get to a place that you really like. Then it will all just be a memory one day and you'll be done! Woo Hoo!!! :)

Thank you bunches and bunches for all of you SUPER encouraging words my Silver Sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lauren,
You are so cute with your new hair cut! Congratulations! This is an absolute success.
Your transformation will give me courage: I am almost 5 months into my transition and my hairdresser suggested me to go for a pixie by mid of June (in order to get rid of all the length colored with henna). I am scared but it is just hair.
Today, I have long hair until my armpits. So, it will be a big change.
Have a good weekend (and please, be indulgent with my English: I am still French )!

Lauren said...

Hi Wapita!!! \(^-^)/

HOORAY for YOU!!!!
You have such great courage and bravery and GREAT english too!!!! (I need to study my French!) ;)
Thank you my silver sister. I think you will love your pixie cut. After I had my pixie cut, it took some time to get used to my new look. At first, I was not sure I liked it, but after I began to play with the style and become accustomed to myself with a pixie cut, I had fun!!! And you are very wise, yes, it is just hair and it always grows again! :)

I recently had my hair cut to a "long bob" style and now I am so happy! We are always changing and re-inventing ourselves. <3

Thank you Wapita. I wish you so much luck and I am sending you a hug! (>'-')> HUG!!!! Thank you for reading this blog and for your kind words.