Thursday, January 08, 2015

To My Most Amazing, Beautiful-Hearted Friend, Who Shines So Bright in Oakey-Dokeyville, Ontario! ;)

Dear bloggy friends,

I miss you! I love you! I have started TWO new posts that I am trying to finish up, so I shall be back ASAP! the meantime..............

This post might be a tad cryptic, but I did not want to share too much personal information about a dear, sweet reader without her permission first. But let's just say that the WONDERFUL Mrs. C. from Oakey-Dokeyville just made me cry TEARS of JOY! (Can you hear the plunkety-plunk of tears upon my keyboard!?) \(^-^)/

Dear Mrs. C. from Oakey-Dokeyville, not only did your GORGEOUS letter and INCREDIBLY beautiful and fun and generous gift brighten my day, week, month, YEAR, but your kindness and love was incredibly touching to myself and everyone at the coffee shop. YOU SHOWED US how wonderful humanity can be. Especially in a week of such sad news stories. I needed that!
They contacted me from the coffee shop last night, and when I went in this morning to collect your package, the employees around were smiling just as broadly as I did. You truly touched all of us with your warmth.


Now, the reason that I am oddly writing you via BLOG POST Mrs. C. is because I was FRANTICALLY searching for your email address, which I swore I had! But, I must not have it after all - I suppose because I can not find you anywhere! Perhaps we have just communicated through the comment section in the past!

My dear Mrs. C. if you are there, please know what a profound and beautiful and bright impact you have made on my life today and in the past. And please know how much that means to me, what a blessing your friendship is. <3 p="">And also....if you do have an email address, please, please send it to me at my email address below so I can formally reply and thank you!!!

HowBourgeois at

And Also, I wanted to ask you if you would mind me sending you a proper letter via snail mail.  :)
I just wanted to make sure it was ok with you first.

And ALSO, THANK YOU for bringing the absolutely stunning flowers of springtime to me on the PERFECT day! A day when we must be sharing the same weather I am sure, with the windchill of -25 below and the wind and the snow. ;)
I can not wait to proudly wear my new shirt in the spring. What a joy, it is just gorgeous and will always wear it and think of you. :)

(See my friend from Oakey-Dokeyville. Tears of JOY!)

Ok everybody! Thanks for bearing with me.

See you very soon!

With heaps of love and gratitude and thankfulness for ALL of YOU!

Lauren :)


stephanie bean said...

HI!! well, i'm not Mrs. C....but instead Mrs. B, living in okie-dokie-ville oklahoma! :) i love your blog! & love that you shared your surprise gift! there are some very kind people in this world, and it's so nice to hear about them! happy new year! & looking forward to your next post already!

Lauren said...

\(^-^)/ Hiya Mrs. B!!!!!! \(^-^)/

A very Happy New Year to you too! <3

Oh I know, I have to say, I have especially seen the kindness of people demonstrated through the blog. I see it everywhere, but especially though the blogging community, I have experienced so much support and encouragement and kindness. It just makes me smile thinking of it. :)

Thank you for your sweet words about the blog! I can't wait to be able to finish the posts!

kenna823 said...

I love you, Lauren!

Lauren said...

Awwwwww!!!!!! :)

I love you too Kendra! (>'-')> <3


Unknown said...

Hi, Lauren.

I am also Mrs. C but not the one you're looking for! LOL

I just wanted to say thanks for your inspiring posts. It really is nice to have a "support group" for growing out my gray hair! You've inspired me to take pics along the way and document some of the crazy things that go along with the incredibly growing skunk stripe. LOL ;)

Happy New Year to you!

Unknown said...

Haha Lauren I only now just read your post in reply to my first message to you. ;) I am following you now so I can keep track! I thought we might be the same age - and after reading your reply, I was right! My sister finally did fb me today telling me how much she likes my hair. (Yaye... Victory)! LOL It's tough but I refuse to dye it. And sadly for me, I have never looked good with short hair, so I'll be strategically pinning until its past my shoulders. :/
It was funny that I literally started a blog yesterday lol and started with how awesome Green Goddess Sandwiches are, only to read somewhere on your site afterward that you also had discovered these!
ANYWAY, you ARE an inspiration and I'm sure to many others.
I'll be in touch and will stay tuned!
(To know more about my crazy life/family: ;)
Kelly Collins
P.S. You don't need to post this message HA ha

Lauren said...

Hi Kelly!!!! Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I posted your comment before I read it all and now I see that you mentioned that I don't need to post it! I'll be happy to take it down if you want, but also, if you want to leave it up to share your blog site and your journey, I'd be happy to! \(^-^)/ I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to follow along. I'm so glad that we've found each other. :) And that is really funny about the Green Goddess sandwiches. They're delicious, aren't they? I think you're going to do great with the gray. Hang in there, one day soon the whole transition period will just be a distant memory. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments. :) xoxoxoxo