Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Am Typing This With One Hand

..... Because I have tendinitis or something like that in my elbow and forearm. It aches! It all began last week when I was typing at my small makeup table, while holding my arm in a strange way. It hurt my arm and elbow, but I kept typing away because it was too cold to go downstairs to write at my usual table, and Noah had my lap desk. The next day my arm still ached, but I had to do things like shovel.  I had to use my arm. I had to keep typing and keep shoveling and keep using my arm for the next few days. So, I think it just hasn't had time to heal from odd over use? I'm going to try to go easy on my arm. Things like typing seem to make it ache more and rest seems to  help. :(

Here are two quick things though: yesterday Noah and I had such a nice visit with some old friends. Isn't it the best when you can pick right back up with a friend, even if you haven't seen them for a long time? When we came home, Noah did his homework, and then asked to play a little between subjects. This is what he did... trains!

I was cooking dinner while Noah played. I'll miss thes days when he's happy to just be home with his toys and his Mom. :)

Also here is what I posted to my Instagram account last night:

Jon just called out to me while brushing his teeth : "Lauren, are you really supposed to brush your baby's hair with Q-tips?" And I was all: "Whaaaaaaaat?" Until I saw the back of the Q-tip box and then I was all: "Whaaaaaaaat?" Again.

This is a true story. 

Ok, talk to you guys later!

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