Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming Up (Crochet) Roses!!!

Dear Internet Friends, 

While recently looking at my crochet board on Pinterest , I felt an overwhelming and profound feeling of giddiness and awe, inspired by the shear amount of crochet pictures that I have "pinned." (Which, honestly, could be one of the dorkiest things that I will ever admitted on here).

There are just so many crochet pictures on my board! 962 to be exact.
It dawned on me today, just why Pinterest is so successful..... it's an OCD paradise! All you do it is sort through things (pictures) and categorize them (pin). NO WONDER I love it! 
Pinterest is the Besssssst. 

I've decided to share some of my favorite crochet pins with you from time to time. Each installment will run along a new theme. Tonight's theme is "Things with Crochet Roses."  I was sure to include a link to their sources, many with free patterns. Perhaps one will inspire you as well!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite crochet roses.............

Aren't these tea cozies adorable? We have THIS Le Creuset kettle which isn't a good shape for a project like this, so I need to buy a simple team pot. Wait! Are tea pots and tea kettles different? Oh, they must be different, right? You can't put a tea pot on a stove burner can you?  Oy. I must not be a Brit huh?  

     1.) Cocoa Rose Diaries                                           2.) Cozy Things

Here are some roses for your hands! Some rose rings and some mittens! I think the roses from the rings would look adorable embellishing just about anything. I'd also love to make and own both pairs of these mittens.
     1.) The Royal Sisters                    2.) Barlowes Baby Girl                3.) Kyukisa's Fotolife

These are crochet roses for your neck. I love the tiny stitches and colors in the purple rose necklace and the mauve velvet ribbon on the rose neck warmer.
     1.) Stitch Nation                            2.) Found on Flickr                     3.) Pinterest

Accessories are fun, and you can accessorize just about anything with crochet roses! Thinking of all the possibilities.......
           1.) Yarnspirations                    2.) Cocoa Rose Diaries              3.) Cherry Heart Boutique

One thing that I am beginning to learn about crochet, is that your choice of colors and materials can make all of the difference. I was attractive to the surprising LACK of color in the shawl on the left, and the slightly muted color of the flowers on the right. If money were limitless, I would love to indulge in some organic, naturally dyed wool yarn. Maybe if I find a very special project to make!

     1.) The Sunroom                                                     2.) Amazon

And finally, roses don't have to be 3D. Just look at this beautiful blanket! Clever, huh!?

And so, there you have it, my crochet roses roundup. Today was a snow day, snow day #5 of the MONTH ! We've received a letter from our head of school that tomorrow classes should go on as planed. So, hopefully everything over at How Bourgeois will be back to normal soon! I've missed my quite writing time.

Until next time, stay warm and crochet!!!

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