Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bird Log: 14th November

It's almost winter, the migrating birds are coming back!!!!
I should not admit my nerdy excitement. But I must.
There is nothing more free than a bird.
I fear I will never get anything done as long as they are outside my window.

Yesterday I filled the metal bird feeder and hung it on the pergola. I bought a suet cake and filled the suet holder outside the family room window.
Today I made five pinecone bird feeders and strung them up.


3 male Downy Woodpeckers
3 Blue Jays 
2 male  Northern Cardinals and 2 female Northern Cardinals
Several dark-eyed Junkos
Several American Robins
We also have House Sparrows.

AND.... the most adorable and not- afraid- to- come- up- to- me  Red- Breasted Nuthatches!

WOW! As I type, a gigantic Red-bellied Woodpecker is pigging out at our bird feeder!!!!

And, I await the return of my favorite..... The Mourning Dove. Their calls are so sad, but they remind me of peaceful matzo balls, so I hope they come back.

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