Sunday, September 02, 2012

So Long Summer!

I'm so sorry my sweet, little blog, for I have neglected you. 
It's all my fault. All my silly fault.

I've spent the summer, not composing heartfelt posts to you, but doing things like this:

And this:

Also this:

Additionally this:

And you better believe this:

Don't forget this:

Oh yeah, and this:

Then we did this:

And some of this:

And I am solely responsible for this crochet awesomeness   strawberry hat.

And dear blog, this is just one percent, one FRACTION of what we did this summer. This is just a tiny sampling of what went on. This is why I was so rudely dismissive my friend.

But I'm Back!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And also a lot fatter than I was in this "YEAH!!!" picture, whence I flogged my soul with Weight Watchers for a year. YEAH!!!!!
Then, as soon as I stopped starving myself, my OBAMA shirt started gettin' a lit-tle tighter. 

At any rate. Enough with that. I now have a pre-code set of incredibly long and steep stairs that I routinely sprint up and down on, whenever I forget whatever it was that I was supposed get on the opposite floor. 

I forget because, you know that I'm OLD now. I turned THIRTY-fi-fi-fi -FIVE.
That was traumatic. I'm not going to lie. 

It's hard enough realizing that you're half-way through your thirties, let alone doing that with a head full of GRAY HAIR!
(Which by the way, these totally RUDE, little children were laughing at me and pointing at my hair last week and being so terrible at my expense for five minutes while I was stuck sitting directly behind them, but it was TOTALLY made up for when a man who looked EXACTLY like Usher... 

Yes, it could have been Usher at Target. Said that my gray hair was "stunning". Damn! My hair  is the #1 stunna. Stu-stunna!

So summer was LONG.
And it was a lot of pressure to keep Noah safe, happy, engaged, feed, entertained and busy.
It was times like these that I wished he had a sibling. Somebody he could just go outside to play with.
Summer wasn't the easiest thing. 

We were also asked to take part in a big fundraising event in a few weeks. We've been getting ready for it and keeping busy. I'm SO excited to share the fun news about this event, but for now, I'll have to wait just a bit. Pretty exciting stuff though. (At least to me!)

Also, I've been pinning away on my Pinterest boards when I have a free minute here or there. It only takes a few seconds to "pin" an idea or a photo you come across. It's a collection of possibilities.
Pinterest Logo
One thing that I've known my whole life, is that I need creative outlets. Without that, I'm low. 
It's been many things over the years like drawing and painting and writing and crafting and felting and now sewing and crocheting. I've challenged myself to use this creativity to become more self-sufficient. For example, I'd love to make some or all of my wardrobe. I'd like to sew it myself!
So far, as lopsided and peculiar looking as they are, I've managed to produced two skirts with artistic trim and two calico dresses. 

I'm also dedicated to only making useful and wearable crochet items. WHAT a concept!
Last year was practice, now I need to get serious. 
I learned how to make my first pair of crocheted gloves. And while they look just like Dr. Zoidberg's hands, they're still toasty warm


I fear it is late my sweet blog. I still have so much more to tell you, but that's for another time.
Good night my How Bourgeois! It's good to be back!

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