Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Are You Doing With Your Saturday?

Hi everybody! I just wanted to throw a simple, little post up here.
I'm not sure that I've talked about it much before, but I am OBSESSED, literally obsessed with crocheting!
In November, when I knew were were going to have a stressful month for a million little reasons, I thought that I needed to find a new hobby to keep myself from pointless worrying. In the end, everything worked out just fine, and I also ended up with a wonderful, new form of creative expression! HOORAY!

Crocheting, in my opinion is easier than knitting. Also, projects seem quicker. So far, I've made about ten ear warmer/head bands, a small purse, five shawls and caplets, a necklace, a hat, three scarves and a really neat large collar, decorated with flowers and leaves. I'd like to photograph everything and start posting about the things I make in the future.

If anybody out there also crochets, and you have any tips, or neat sites that you like, please let me know! I have so much more to learn, and it's such a joy to be able to create something usable out of a simple piece of yarn and a hook!

Last night I finished making my very first free-form, folk art type of crochet work. It's a necklace. A winter necklace. Kind of half jewelry, half chest warmer. That might sound odd, but it's cold and snowy today, and my shirt is a little lower cut. I wanted something instead of a simple scarf to warm me up!

Here is a picture of it:
I've been collecting yarn since November, starting with basic colors, economy yarn. Now I'm just beginning to experiment with multi color yarns. Someday when I get good, I can't wait to work with fine wool, and other special types.
This is a picture of my first multi-color yarn project. It's a caplet. A caplet works perfectly when you're house is just a little bit cold, but you don't want to turn the heat up. Since our house is so old, it really lacks the same amount of insulation as a modern home. This is part of the reason I picked crocheting as my new hobby, to make warm things!

Today Noah and I headed over to the Royal Oak Farmer's Market. I'm on the hunt for a few throw-back tchotchkes . Just a few! Our house is still not quite decorated, I need some additional things. I found this small piece of embroidery for a dollar! I think I'll paint the frame gold, or some other fun finish and hang it on the wall. I know it's silly, that's why I like it.
Speaking of house, have I shared with you our BEFORE & AFTER SLIDE SHOW?
Here's what we've done so far. It's fun to watch the progress. (At least for me.) We're going into month ten, and now it's almost all done!

Finally, I need to run to the Mac store today. My trusty, old laptop (Who happens to be a five year old hand-me-down), is still working great, but needs an operating system update. Yesterday, after several years, my also trusty, old iPhone finally needed to be retired. I loved my iPhone3, but her volume control went last year, and the cracks in the screen are growing, and now my battery is on the outs. So, I just bought an iPhone4s. I thought upgrading to the new iPhone was all hype. I actually went in to potentially buy another 3GS! It turns out though, that the 4S is indeed, really really neat. I can't believe how much crisper the images on the screen look. The camera is taking great pictures, and I've already "Face Timed", video chatted with my parents. Also, I have to say that playing with Siri is a lot of fun. (Watch the video, it's really cool.) I wanted to share with you my first new app. It's by Toca Boca, and the little game is adorable. It's called "Toca Hair Salon". You simply choose a client, and then give them a rad hair style using various tools and accessories. I especially like a gooey sounding gel that when applied, magically grows hair! Try it out if you can. It's a lot of fun.
And that's the scoop! Hope everybody out there is having a most wonderful Saturday. Take care!!!!


Guatemama2000 said...

Lauren, I can't even begin to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your new home is!! If I ever get to buy a new home, I want your help decorating! :o)

Also, I've been wanting to go "au naturale" with my hair color, but have been too chicken. You look SO gorgeous with yours that I've decided to DO IT!

Lauren said...

Hi Valerie!!!!
You are too too kind. Thank you SO much for the niceness. :)
If you can believe it most everything in our house is re-used from the old place, or a hand-me-down, or found on sale! Or Ikea. You have great style and character too Valerie, remember that!

Thank you so much about my hair. Wow! I inspired you to go au natural!? How awesome. :)
You know, there is something very liberating about being yourself at times, and not having to "keep up" with social norms. Sure I'd rather have no gray hair, but this sure beats the headaches and mess from having to dye my hair or henna it every 3-4 weeks.

Good for you Valerie. Good for you either way, going gray or not. :)
I miss you and Jana very much. I've loved reading your posts and seeing the pictures. They're great!
Sending lots of love and hugs your way.