Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sensing a Theme

This morning we stopped in at the new house to check on the progress. Today's "Oh Great" tally: 1 broken clothing dryer (although, ok it doesn't count because it's at our current house. But STILL.) 9 ancient, fire hazard, so not ok, recessed can lights that need to be totally removed, hence leaving 9 gaping holes in the ceiling. Hence 9 new places to fix the ceiling. Any one do drywall work? Also....... Wait, what? do you think it would end there? ALSO a series of holes drilled in the dining room floor for electrical work that proceeded to spew out pine cones and a plethora of rodent treasures. Oh, and more rodent munch in the near by cold air returns. I'm sensing quite a theme, as the squirrel buffet above came out of the walls of our garage last month. Bon Appetite!

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