Thursday, April 28, 2011

Once Upon A Time.....

.... there were three little people who live in a little house.

There were two cats, one little,

one not so little.

They had a little guinea pig who died, but don't worry, he had a good, long life.

The little house was a very good house to the little people, and they loved the house very much. But, like most superficial, materialistic Americans, the little people thought their little house was just too little!

I'm joking! The little people would never be shallow. The little house was the perfect size, but the little family was just ready for a change.

So, they talked about moving to something a little bit less little. They hemmed and they hawed. They talked and they talked and they talked about moving. They weighed the pros and they weighed the cons. Then they talked and they talked and they talked some more. Until one day, the little people realized that they'd been talking about moving for five years! Finally, one day, one of the little people's therapist said: "Little lady. Stop being afraid of change. Just do it!"

And that is when the little people apparently and truly lost their minds, because the very next day, they started the process to buy a little bit bigger*, a lot a bit older, a whole lota lota bit more falling apart, new house!

And this is where our story begins........
* Ironically, while I THOUGHT we were buying a house that was 400 Square feet bigger, it was pointed out to me, a little too late, that by trading in our finished basement for an unfinished Michigan basement , the new place might actually be SMALLER! Omg. LOL!!!!!


Judy said...

Its gonna be a GREAT ride! So excited to see what fantastic things you do with that adorable new-to-you home! CONGRATS!

diane Rubin Williams said...

it looks fabulous and i loved your story. diane