Monday, December 13, 2010

Wow Mom, You Were Right! Box Springs Really DO Work!

I am here to happily report that having a box spring under our overly soft and squishy mattress was great! It's still soft and squishy and it still seems like I'm rolling into the center, but my lower back feels 70% better. So I'd say, success! Now if we could only just move up to a Queen size bed and a new, harder mattress.

The above photos is several years old. Eeeew...that's our bedroom before the makeover. We went out and bought a giant, puffy pillow top mattress. When it was delivered, Jon was despondent to find that our bed was now four feet tall. It was both hysterical and RIDICULOUS. Then the mattress went back, and I stupidly chose an equally soft, lower profile mattress, that still rises four inches above the foot bed. I'll just go easy on myself and file this under a C'est La Vive kind of moment.


WaveLength said...

When the time comes, try a TempurPedic or similar. Backaches? Gone!

And you won't roll to the center, although you might each end up with your own little cocoon on your side of the bed.

Endri_Frasheri said...

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