Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Things....

  1. Sometimes I accidentally put my underwear on inside out, it's not the end of the world. Just go with it.
  2. Tonight I saw a bunch of mail trucks, up on lifts being fixed. It was cool. A few times I've passed our mailman's truck by the side of the road. I slow down and wave wildly, only to realize mid-wave it's not our mailman. Dorky.
  3. When I came home tonight, I saw a skunk next to the garage. He was so gosh darn cute. I love varmints! My cat ran out the door yesterday, she escaped and in the process of making a run for it, brushed against the brush of the painter, painting our column. She also ran into the column. So then my cat looked exactly like a skunk. I thought it was hilarious. Then though....I started to worry she would lick the paint on her fur. So, when my cat finally came back, I went to cut the paint out. She tried to bite me from the first snip, so now she just looks like a skunk with a chunk of hair missing. Even better.
  4. Well, I got to drink a drink out of a straw made from pasta again. (Thanks Laura!)
  5. My psychiatrist prescribed Xan*x for me, for times when I feel very anxious. But I'm too scared to take Xan*x.
  6. I didn't go to sleep away camp until I was 14. I immediately started to panic and get homesick and cried for one week straight. They would not let me go home. Oddly, three days after camp ended, I preceded to get on an airplane, all by myself, and fly straight across the Atlantic Ocean to London for two weeks. No tears.
  7. Once in Middle school, a boy threw a Baby Ruth candy bar in the swimming pool and said that someone pooped, so that we'd all get out of swimming that day. Then our gym teacher said: "That's not poop! Poop floats, candy bars sink." I thought she was so smart.


sharon said...

i love the skunk story and would like to see a photo of the cat!

also, if you want to talk about xanax drop me an email. it has seriously been a life saver for me and is not even remotely scary if used on occasion as prescribed.

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...this is great. :) You made me smile this morning. I LOVE you, Lauren!

Sarah said...

Quite possibly my fave blog post of yours.