Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today I .....

...... Learned a new word. BOONDOGGLE.  Which is strange because being that I am 32 years old, with a fairly good grasp of the English language.

[boon-dog-uhl, -daw-guhl].  That time my husband met his coworkers in Vegas to have "meetings" there. Maybe that was just a boondoggle. [boon-dog-uhl, -daw-guhl]

Well, maybe it wasn't, but whatever. I just like talking about boondoggles now. Hurrah for new hobbies!

....... Ate a six month old, freezer burned veggie corn dog for dinner, and it seriously still tasted good. Really. I'm not joking. Try it. 

......... Was running late and wasn't able to get my last errand done. I need to find a nice outfit to wear to my brother-in-law's Toledo wedding reception.  He was married in NYC in November and now there is a second reception in Toledo. Anyway, it seems like, as of late, my clothes have just had a rough time. Lots of snags and pills and tears. I wear things over and over for years, and slowly add a piece of two here or there. The only outfit that I can think of in good enough condition to wear, is oddly a dress that I bought in 2003! The thing is, I've worn it to every big event I've been to in Toledo and at home, oh....about twenty times! I even wore it to a rehearsal dinner in New York. It might be strange to wear it once again.
The good news is, I received two, TWO Anthropologie gift cards for Christmakah! So, hopefully tomorrow I can find time to go.
Not right for the party, but don't you love THIS dress?

Although........... Maaaaaybe with this sweater...........

............ Was looking online for dinner recipes to make from Trader Joe's products. I always go grocery shopping and come home with great stuff, but it never works out, in general, to whole meals. It's like I buy bits and pieces. Then I came across Trader Joe's Fan  .
Awww  Yeeeah.  Now we're talking. Thank you Trader Joe's fans.


Jeremy said...

Boondoggle - I've known two meanings for that word, but the one I knew most was those stupid plastic lace braided things they used to make at summer camp.

I say buy something fantastic and wear it down. After all, you're FABULOUS.

Judy said...

I'll happily eat a veggie corn dog any day. Freezer burned, though...sorry. I'll pass. :-)

And, I love that dress, especially with the sweater! Do it! It would be fun!

(hey - my word verification is "section" - I never get real words for WVs! How cool!)

Lauren said...

Dude, you mean, LANYARD bracelets?
What did you do, go to a Canadian summer camp or something!!??
Wait, OMG! http://www.boondoggleman.com/prj_spiral_braid.htm
What the.........

Ok, you win, I guess my camp was never awesome enough.
Thanks J.

You guys, the dress hasn't come into the stores yet! Boo, but I did find another cool number. Maybe pics later!

Jeremy said...

Yes, I did go to Canadian summer camp. Wait, did you know I was Canadian or was that just a joke?