Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wish List ; Of the Travel Kind

(Not thrilled with California.)

I've been composing a post in my head this week about only children, our society and the often disregarded positives of having a singleton. One of these pluses is the enormously easier task it is to travel with just one whining kid, as opposed to two or more
complaining things.
Also,I'm guessing you spend a lot less on Xanax, and/or in-fight alcohol! In fact, you spend a far smaller amount on everything, from the number of plane tickets needed to be purchased, to meals, the hotel room, and most of all, a lot less crap from the stupid souvenir shop. Having an only child almost makes travel worth the hassle and debt!

Therefore, when the money tree that I planted starts blooming, I fully intend to milk this only kid thing for all it's worth, and hit the road! And so I present to you, my (basic) travel wish list, which I naively pronounce to be a five year plan.

*San Francisco
*Toronto Mini-Trip
*New York (Nov. 09')
*Chicago mini-trip
*Los Angeles

Now, if only I could remember where planted that tree......

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