Thursday, August 20, 2009

My favorite movie of all time: Annie Hall

You know, it's not easy living the life of a hypochondriac, fatalistic nudge. A girl Alvy singer, with all of the neuroses of Annie Hall . There's always the latest update on the CDC's Swine Flu page to panic about, or some special airing on doomsday 2012, to keep me staring at the ceiling all night. Just the other day I thought I contracted a bad case or Borax, until my doctor told me it's just soap. My analyst said that I have a problem with control, I think he's wrong. I said, look, I don't know why people even bother with life, what kind of fun is it if you don't already know what's on the buffet that day. Setting yourself up for all that disappointment when there's no Jell-O. It's exhausting!

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Anonymous said...

I never saw this movie but the clips cracked me up. It's on the list!