Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Romantic LED Shower Tap

Like a lot of retail companies, mine is working on staying relevant during the recession by bringing out new products, and we are aided in that effort by overseas factories asking us to take on their new items for sale in the US. This morning I received an offer for the "Romantic LED Shower Tap," a temperature sensing, battery-free shower head with colored LEDs that offer, according to the manufacturer, "Romantic light give you comfortable feeling."

We can all agree that having a comfortable feeling in the shower is pretty important, but my efforts to become the LED Shower King of Detroit would be hampered by the knowledge that you can buy this exact shower head on eBay for less than it would cost per piece to land a container of them in the US, before we even get into upgrading the package and buying the substantial liability insurance we would no doubt be interested in quintuple-indemnifying ourselves with.

Since my overall knowledge of the bath supply industry consists of buying 700-packs of (double) Quilted Northern at Costco, the Kohler Integrated Custom Shower division is probably safe from us in this category for now, but look out - if I get a brief on a 3G CDMA broadband wireless bidet, we're jumping in.

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