Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The V.I.G.

I just got back from the plant nursery, and I am pleased to report that I am now in possession of a "Very Important Gardener" card from Bordine's, which comes with a special key tag. Perhaps somewhat more importantly, I picked out what's going in the ground this week for the garden:

Strawberry - Ozark Beauty
Strawberry - Earlyglow
Herb - Sweet basil
Herb - Cilantro
Pepper - Habanero
Pepper - Red Chile
Bell Pepper - Sunbell (yellow to red)
Bell Pepper = Cardinal Red
Tomato - German Green (heirloom)
Tomato - Black Russian from Tula (heirloom)
Tomato - Sweet 100 (Cherry)
Tomato - Grape
Tomato - Supersteak
Cucumber - Peppi

This year, I'm trying a mix of heirloom and standard tomatoes. Last year going all heirloom meant a small crop with the heat, so I'm hedging hedging my bets.


Judy said...

Good choices!

I wish we could get strawberries to grow down here. Our soil's too hard and our heat too much, though, I'm afraid. We're giving carrots the old college try this year - they'll probably all grow sideways once they hit the rock just below the soil line!

Take pics as your plants grow!

meagan said...

i think the number one rule of being a VIG is to not mention it publicly. i think it's like the mob. i've held onto my keytag quietly for years, fearing the men in the purple shirts.

actually, bordines is the best, and i wish there was one a little closer. everytime i bought a shrub, rose or tree elsewhere, it just didn't perform as well. and you can't beat their plant guarantee.

anyway, i'm going to get my garden started on tuesday once the holiday is over and i have some time. i can't wait. i totally agree with you on the tomatoes, though, and aside from a few sun gold cherries, i'm going big. i do have a fantastic lettuce crop in progress, but nothing else at this point. last year i attempted brussel sprouts and zucchini, neither which i will try again. they take farrrrrrr too long, and by that point, fresh zucchini is only 19 cents a pound. i'd rather have the space to grow more tomatoes & peppers. i might try some eggplant, but that's as wild as i'm going to get this year.

we also have a strawberry hanging basket which has already produced a few berries so sweet and amazing. it makes it hard to buy the ones in the store.

anyway, keep me posted!