Thursday, May 15, 2008

Damn Right We're Confident!

Mine is Willow Green Pearl, Lauren's is Opel Grun Metallic. Feeling fine.


Jeremy said...

Sunburst Orange II Metal

Don't ask me why there is a "II" in the name. All I can assume is that there was an "I" and it just didn't look right.

Jeremy said...

That should be "Metallic" - my browser locked up when I was typing.

Laura said...

I've been wondering what color was car was exactly. Some say black, some say dark blue. So, this post made me go and look it's Mystic Blue Mica which means consistent further comment

meagan said...

adam and i both have green cars. we must be totally arrogant.

actually, we got a big kick out of this article. we drove down to ohio last weekend and every time a car would pass us or swerve or whatever, adam would say, "oh we should let him in, he's pretty insecure."

we thought we were hilarious.