Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sarah Knows I Must Be Thrilled Right Now

**Bedtime Care Bear Deluxe Lightweight Plush Toddler
So, if you gave your two year old son the choice to being anything he wanted for Halloween and what he repeatedly wanted to be was a Care Bear, would you let him?

Personally, I'm thrilled! Care Bears are cute and loving, non-violent with a positive message. The costume even looks comfortable and it's on sale!

About a month ago I told Noah about Halloween. I explained the holiday and told him that it was my absolutely my favorite day of the year as a little kid. I said that he could choose a costume and dress up as anyone or anything he wanted! It's a real great chance for kids to use their imagination. Noah picked a Care Bear, a purple one to be exact, and still now, some time later, he wants to be a Care Bear.

I really don't think dressing a two year old little boy as a Care Bear can do any harm. It's just for one day, it won't give him confusing gender messages and his friends are too young to tease him. Actually, to be honest, in any toddler costume that is gender neutral or has a hood, everyone will be saying all night "Oh! I like HER costume." Because Noah still gets called a girl if I don't put him in obvious boy clothes. So it doesn't matter and he doesn't seem to care or notice.

He REALLY wants to be Harmony the purple bear:
Harmony Care Bear Deluxe Lightweight Plush Toddler
And when I found her I was thinking...."Hmmmm.....Harmony is pretty girlie, but I want Noah to be able to express himself...but what do I do, is it TOO girlie!?"
Then though, I saw that Bedtime Bear was on sale, unlike Harmony Bear and I was sold on Bedtime Bear, problem solved! Oh yeah and his sale price is good, the cheapest on the web.

So anyway, I'm thinking Care-A-Lot, here we come!
P.S. He saw this one and went nuts over it, but even I almost said "No.".
Cheer Care Bear Deluxe Lightweight Plush Toddler
Wait, maybe Rainbow Bear is really cute........


Judy said...

Tyler vascillates between Dora and Thomas. Talk about a confused child!

I think a Care Bear is a GREAT costume! Unfortunately, Tyler would die of a heat stroke in that down here at Halloween (no kidding - it is usually still in the upper 80s that time of year).

meagan said...

Lauren, Ky was a Grumpy Bear (rainclowds) when she was 19 months old. I bought a 2T but it was huge so I hemmed grow cuffs into it. She still fit in it last fall. You are more than welcome to borrow it- it looks just like the ones in the picture. I'll look for an online pic.

meagan said...

pictures here

Lauren said...

Judy- Dora would be HILARIOUS! A little blonde boy in a black. Funny. Ewwww...upper 80's! Michigan weather is wishy-washy so we can have warm halloweens , or usually, cold and/or rainy.

Meagan- Thank you! That is really really thoughtfull. Ky and Josh looked so cute in those pictures. :) I LOVE Grumpy Bear! Actually, after I posted, I found the Grumpy Bear costune online, too cute.

Thank you for the offer, I'm not sure though, I might just buy one if I can find a good deal. It's because in the spring, Noah's school always has a costume parade for the holiday "Purim", so a I need a costume then also. They actually don't wear them to school on Halloween. Also, Noah is super excited and I think he might enjoy having a Care Bear costume at home to play in. I don't know... Thanks though, I'll let you know for sure.

Do Ky and Tegan have costumes for this year yet, or know what they want to be!?

Jeremy said...

Who wants a YGG costume for Halloween?

'Cause maybe I know someone who is making one.

Lauren said...


I want to be Broby this year!

(details Jeremy, details....)

meagan said...

is it wrong of me to want to be dj lance?

Jeremy said...

Let's just say Jeremy is busy in his secret basement laboratory (that's lah-bore-a-tory) working on his next project.

Oh yeah, and DJ Lance hats are hella easy to make. And I also know where you have to go to get the "ROCK" belt buckle he has.

Let's just say I was blessed with one skill, and that was to make totally stupid costumes.

Magdalena said...

I try to convince them to be whatever is on sale when they are little. Then when they get old enough I help them be really scary and gory and practically write out a violent message to pin to their lapel. Did you SEE DJ last year!?
Sigh. I am SUCH a black sheep!
I think you should let him be whatever he wants. Even if it's pink. Really, it's all about the candy and probably girls get more anyway. You could conduct an expieriment and compare intake to whatever he recieves next year in a boy costume(providing he doesn't want to be a purple care bear again). Let me know how that goes because if he gets more this year, DJ and jack are SO wearing tu-tus so Mama can get the Snickers.

Kendra Lynn said...

That's cute that he wants to be a CareBear.
My kids don't know what Halloween is, so it doesn't matter. Plus....they dress up all the time as princesses and fairies and brides, so I don't think we need to buy any costumes.
Love ya.
Miss you