Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pavarotti Memory

I was sadden to hear this morning that Luciano Pavarotti has passed away. He had such an amazing, expressive voice. While I can't claim to be a very avid listening of Pavaratti's music, I do own one of his C.D.'s and have enjoyed listening to it for many years. This morning, while listening to a piece on Pavaratti's life on NPR, I had a flashback to the summer of 1991. I was in London visiting my life long friend Michelle. Her Father had been transferred to England several years before and she would spend her summers in London. They lived in an incredible town house next to Regent's Park. I remember those two weeks that I visited as amazing and free. We rode the Tube all over, took the train out to Windsor, rollerbladed in London's parks. On one particular day we were out and by late afternoon headed for the Tube to take us home. We boarded a car and soon, with each stop, it became more and more crowded. People were hoping on the train, hoards of them it seemed. We started to get pushed around and squashed, and soon I couldn't see, being 5' tall and in a valley of people nearly a foot taller. We were sardines, it was crazy. After several stops it started to get scary, I felt myself not being able to get as much air as I would like, claustrophobia began to set in, I started to panic. Luckily a nice man must have seen my face turn white as he pushed himself awkwardly sideways so I could get some air. Then, faster than they got on, there was a mass exodus at one stop.....they were all going to see Pavoratti in the Park!

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Kendra Lynn said...

That's a nice memory...minus the claustrophobia. I have that, too.
Awful, isn't it?