Friday, November 17, 2006

My Speedy Gonzales

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Today Noah had his 2 year appointment at our pediatrician's office. It went pretty well except for the fact that he screamed for 80% of the visit. I guess he's finally reached the age where he can remember that the doctor's office is a place that may or may not involve needles. I'm happy to say that today there were no shots! Just a finger poke to check for anemia, he was fine. Between the loud sobs, desperate pleas to "Open door!" and throwing of trains, the doctor managed to get in the exam. Thankfully all is well except that Noah has his first ear infection! I was floored as he wasn't pulling at his ear at all. What was going on though was only about the second cold of his life or what I thought was a cold. Turns out it was his ear. We've got medicine and he'll be fine. Also of interest is we need to make a trip to the pediatric optometrist. This is because since I needed to wear glasses at such an early age (3 years) the doctor wants Noah to be seen just in case. He has been saying his eyes hurt lately. Maybe it's nothing, but better safe than sorry.

The only other point of interest is his height. I know I've blogged before about Noah being a little on the small side. Of course, of course we love him just the way he is, and we never expected to have a giant guy, but it seems his growth curve has been sloping down little by little and today it was below the chart. Our pediatrician wants to see him in six months. Most likely it is just genetic, which is what I'm pretty sure it is. If he doesn't get back on the chart, she would like Noah to see an endocrinologist, but frankly, I think, it's just that we are short people! It could be his nutrition, but she doesn't think it is because he is in the 30th% for weight. Not too worried, just need to have him eat more foods and more nutritious things.

Bottom line, good appointment and he may be small but he sure is a "SPEEDY GONZALES"! Being shorter than your peers has advantages, you should see how fast this kid can weave in and out of his classmates. He's fast!


Judy said...

Aw! Sounds like he had a good visit with the doc anyway, regardless of train issues and the ear.

Tyler's waving hi to the boy with the "mummet, mommy!" (that would be Puppet!)

Lauren said...

Thanks Judy. Tell Tyler, someday we will all get together and he and Noah can make some "mummets"!

Laura said...

Glad to hear that things appear to be going well. :) Speedy Gonzales, that's too cute!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hope Noah had a great birthday....and I'm sure he'll grow...Zach is below the chart as well...and Katie and Nate are really small people. LOL
It probably is genetic.

I love ya.