Monday, October 09, 2006

Our Son's Sponge, also Known as His Brain

So we're driving down the road and it dawns on Jon and I that it's time we start teaching Noah his "ABC's. We start belting out a round and our kid in the back seat begins singing it along with us! Uh... it's pretty shocking hearing your 22 month old sing his ABC's, especially when you haven't taught him yet!

What I'm guess is going on, is that Noah learned his ABC's at school. They said they weren't starting letters until next semester and if that's the case, then only God knows where he learned this junk.

That's right! I haven't blogged about school yet. Folks, I've been keeping a secret from you. I went back and forth, back and forth about whether to talk on the blog about Noah being in school. I didn't know if it was something I wanted to make public. After four month of deliberation, I have come to realize that everyone else mentions their kids and school or their kids and day care and that it was ok if I mentioned Noah being in nursery school now. Besides, it's a very good school with armed, I mean tight security and I won't tell you where it is anyway!

So yes, I think Noah's sponge brain is really soaking up things at school at an amazing rate. I'm sure all toddlers learn in this same way, it just seems that Noah's learning curve has soared recently. Jon and I are always trying to teach him new things, but for some reason or other, he just listens much better at school. A while back he came home counting to twelve one day. Another he came home with colors and a day later, new foods. Today was the saying "Oh, that's ok" which followed last week's "Wow! Cool!". You really don't know what you will get, like this evenings entire alphabet.

Noah is in school three mornings a week. His nursery school has a two year old class which started letting children in just under two if they could handle it. Originally we felt, as it was suggested by others, that a structured environment might help our wild child learn to follow directions, stop hitting so much and get him into a good routine. It also was a great place to express himself, play to his hearts content and of course run run run , all over their playground. On top of that, lucky me gets some time to myself for errands or exercise. It's a win/win situation in my opinion!

Noah loves it and in the short four weeks that school has been in session, I'm so glad to say he has thrived. Hitting is rarely an issue now! This is a huge accomplishment as I thought he was destined to become a professional boxer at one point. Noah is great with other kids now and is very much the "Mr. Social of his class". I'm not sure if this is a positive or a negative statement, but on two separate days, two different teachers have come up to me and said with a laugh: "Noah walks around like he owns this place". I think what they meant, because of the other things they said after, was that he feels comfortable there and kind of leads the pack of two year olds around from classroom, to music room, to indoor or outdoor gym. So, in a nutshell, I'm very happy that we decided to do this.

Back to this evening though. If they didn't start teaching the alphabet at school yet, and are waiting until January like they told us at orientation, then where did Noah learn it?
How does a kid not even two learn his ABC's?

Our theory..... being formula fed and watching TV, especially Sponge Bob. ;)


Bree said...

Spongebob has taught Jack the weirdest things. I totally wish they would listen how they do at school. What is the magical secret the teachers have!?
I bet it's adorable to hear him sing his ABC's. He is beautiful. :)

Judy said...

That's great! Tyler's been counting - he and Travis play hide and seek, and that's where he learned it. I have no idea if he really GETS what he is doing, but uh, okay!

His favorite quote now: You ask him who is teacher is and he says "Miss Nanet (janet) poops? What mess!"

Seriously. About a hundred times he says that. Then he picks his nose and proclaims, "Boodurs (boogers) - dey yuck!"

Yeah. Rocket scientist.

Kendra Lynn said...

Merry knew her abc's at 14 months, so I think it just depends on the kid. Kelsey still isn't 100 percent sure on her ABC's.
School has been good for BOTH my girls...I'm so glad they are going!
I'm glad Noah is thriving, and can't wait to hear him tell me his abc's.