Monday, May 15, 2006

Hey, You're Blocking My View!

Jon and I just watched the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy". Oh my God, it was just too intense. I can't handle it. Well, I can but gosh, all that suspense in the O.R. , the dying patients, dying dogs, love triangles and bullets flying, it's too much when it's a two hour show. What I don't get is that Bush was supposed to speak tonight. Did they not pre-empt the season finale of Grey's Anatomy because they knew the women of this country would revolt? Maybe he spoke earlier than 8:30 when I tuned in.

Star Jones Reynolds
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Speaking of tv, just so you know, I'm really upset that Rosie O'Donnell is joining the view because Rosie O'Donnell does not = Meredith Vieira. It's true! Think about it, Rosie is going to throw the whole balance off. You see, Meredith is kind of the analytical leader. She brings up the news headlines, plays a little devil's advocate and tells the other chicks to shut up for a minute so they can go to a commercial break. Rosie won't be like that. She's all about the jokes, that's Joy Behar's job for god's sake! Rosie will make jokes, not seriously bring up news topics. On top of that, I can see her being very forceful with her opinion, almost like a bully. Meredith, she had a nice way of presented both sides of a debate to jog the minds of the viewers. The worst part, I LIKE STAR JONES! I don't want Star to leave! It's rumored that Rosie said she would only accept the position of co-host at the View if Star would leave. Rosie butts heads with Star, actually, a lot of people like to hate Star, but whatever, I think it's just player hating. Star has a law degree, good for her, who cares if she bring it up. More power to her! I don't care if she doesn't want to admit that she had gastric bypass. It's her business, not mine. She has a right to keep what she wants private. She had a big, girlie wedding. Awesome! I won't judge her for that, if she has the money, then why not? Star is an assertive, successful woman and some people can't stand that. I also like Star because she can admit her mistakes. Like today, she said that over the weekend she went down to Virginia for her Paw-paw's 90th Birthday. She brought her little dog Pinky and on the way out of the party her hubby, Al said: "where's the baby?". And Star was like "Oh my God! I left her under the table!" But you know what? Star was able to admit that on national television and went on to state that she "wasn't ready yet for children". I think that's great. So please, please, you ABC execs out there; I love Star Jones-Reynolds and so should you! Please don't let Ms. O'Donnell mess up the view's carefully balanced ying-yang and please don't force Star to go. Thank you.


Judy said...

Sad to say, I don't watch the View, but I was all over Grey's Anatomy tonight! Who will Meredith choose? Will George say those three little words? How will Izzy and Alex's relationship go now that Denny's out of the picture and he was there to pick up the pieces? And what about Burke? Will he fully recover?

Bree said...

I loved the end of Grey's Anatomy! It was soooo sad. I am so sorry to say I can STAND the View! How can you even watch it? It's like they are all a bunch of chickens sitting at a table squawking at each other. I can't even hear what anyone is saying half the time? I've tried to watch, I really have, but I have a feeling I could have the same results if I just put one toy in the middle of my 3 boys and let them fight over it. lol It ends up making me want to throw a shoe at the TV. And adding in Rosie, well, that makes me want to watch it even less! Hahaha!

Lauren said...

Hey guys! The View is the perfect show for ADDers. People all talking at once, interrupting, talking over each other. I feel right at home! I like it because it moves quickly, jumping topics. For me, for example, I can not stand slow dramas. It is so hard for me to sit for through those.

I usually only watch the first 15 minutes of the View when I catch it. That's the "Hot Topic" segment when they talk about news stories. I usually don't watch the guests that come on the show. The View happens to be on at the time that Noah takes his ONE hour of nap per day. So when I should be getting other things done, I usually watch some of the view while doing my hair or getting dressed.

By the way, how do I get my toddler to sleep longer!? I've tried everything, read every book!!! He's always always been on the lowest end of the scale for sleep though,so I'm guesing it's just who he is. You know how babies are born and they mostly sleep the first few weeks? The minute Noah was born he woke up and never went to sleep. He wasn't a sleepy baby at all. At his two week appointment our ped. descibed Noah as a "Party Boy" personality because he'd sleep 15, 20 minutes here or there and then wake up ready to party.

Bree said...

I understand that some people love The View, otherwise it wouldn't be so popular. But it makes my head spin! I see what your saying though, about how it jumps topics.As far as the naps go,personally, I am in the same boat. It looks like Aidan is the same way, he only naps for an hour tops, but more like 20 minutes at a time. So if you figure how to calm our party boys down, be sure to let me know! I think I will just go ahead and call you now. lol