Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I really like these cookies from Zeman's Bakery in Oak Park. Each type of cookie is in it's own bin, but you pay buy the pound and mix and match them. Zeman's is a kosher bakery, and these cookies have a very unique taste that I always associate with kosher baked goods. You can't really explain it, it needs to be experienced. If I had to guess, I would say it's a total lack of dairy products and the use of Crisco instead of animal fats (I have read that kosher-keeping people wept with joy when Crisco came out in 1930).

Zeman's has bread, rolls, and pastry, but for me it's really about the cookies. I can't think of anyplace else to get these, and they don't taste like anyone;s else's cookie. Fortunately they were open on Memorial Day when we were bored and driving around aimlessly, so we got a pound for the road.


Judy said...

Those look GREAT!

Bree said...

I love small bakery cookies, there is nothing like them. When I was a small child my grandma would take me to the local bakery and I would get to pick each and every cookie that went into a pink box tied with white string. We would go home and have them with milk. I distinctly remember that many of them were seashell shaped and filled with chocolate and different jams. I DREAM about theose cookies to this day. You just can't re-create that at home.

Anonymous said...

I live a block away from Zeman's. They make some terrific products.

The "unique taste" that the blogger talks about is a result of Zeman's use of alternative fatty materials (instead of lard). This is done to comply with the laws of keeping kosher.