Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lauren, Guidance Counselor Extraordinaire!

This is SO funny. Well, I joined My Space a while ago because a friend told me that my brother Jeff had a page up. So I joined to check it out and found that my other brother Taylor also had a page. You remember Taylor...Louie on the floor...

I haven't signed on for a while and today I found an e-mail from a (to remain nameless) 16 year old girl. This is what it said:

Subject: Your Brother

Body: wow you and taylor don't look that much alike,it is to bad that your realated such a stuck up wench, you don't look like your stuck up. you are really pretty. taylor walks around like he owns the world, or at least where ever he steps. i've hard lots about you but i don't licten to any thing your brother has to say

While sad and true, I had to laugh. I've never gotten a spitful, angry e-mail from a 16 year old goth. I kind of like her. I went to this (nameless) girl's page and all it was, was green sparkling marajuana leaves and slangy dope references. OMG! Ok, intervention needed! So here's what I wrote to her:

Subject: Re: Your Brother

Body: Hi "..........",

While I do understand that Taylor flaunts money and posessions around and I also don't think that's right, you really shouldn't e-mail strangers with rude comments about their brother. I love my brother, he's only 16 and hopefully, some day he will learn that people don't like people who act stuck up. I can understand how it bothers you,because it really bothers me too! :) Hopefully Taylor will learn that he doesn't own the world because when he leaves home and goes into the real world, people won't give him the time of day with that additude.

That said, I love him, he's a good kid. I'm sorry he's annoying you. I bet you have a lot of other friends to hang with. I'm almost 29 and I can remember being 16, it's a hard being a teenager. Remember, being unique and creative is WAY cooler than having a silly "Gucci" bag that a million other people have. That kind of junk doesn't matter in the end. :)

PS. "....", seriously, pot is lame. I know I sound like an annoying adult, but demotivates you, it wastes your money and takes away good judgement. I LOVE Harbor Springs, it's my second home, but you know hard, lay off the drugs and go to college. Then you can have great adventures, travel all over and since you can pick what you major in at school, you can avoid stuck up people! I studied design, it was full of other creative, non-stuck up kids. Those were the best years ever. WAY better than high school.

So regardless of if I said the right things to her or not, this was so funny and I really liked the whole "guidance counselor" bit.


Judy said...

Okay, you totally know she is going to read that email you sent her and say, "Man, what a crabby old lady!" LOL

Those teenage years bite, don't they? I hope she lays off the weed, too - seen it do many a number on too many good people.

Also, check your post - is that her name after the "PS" part?

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...hilarious. Teenagers are a riot.

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Lauren you handled that very well. Used a very "japanese" (re)education model. Many would have either ignored or simply scolded. You rule! (odoyle rules)

Lauren said...

Domo Arigatou gozaimashitta!

Jeremy said...

OMG - Lauren is totally added to my friends list on MySpace.

Kendra Lynn said...

You still alive, Lauren??? Haven't heard from you in days!
Hope all is well.
Love ya.