Tuesday, March 28, 2006

HB Spy Shots: A Chrysler Double Header

As we've discussed, one of the perks of living in Detroit is that you see a lot of great cars, some of them unreleased. Over the last couple of days I saw two new Chrysler products that aren't on the market yet.

Last night I was on I-696 and saw the new Jeep Compass. I think it looks better on the road than it does in the promotional literature. Not exactly "Jeep-like," but interesting and aggressive.

This, of course, is the Dodge Nitro, which I have actually already published a photo of. Look at the rims and the fender flares - the tires are a lot lower profile and the rims larger than the ones on the Nitro gallery on the Dodge web site. Is this the hot SRT version being tested? Seriously, is it? You tell me. In any event it's fun to see the ongoing development of these cars so close by.

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