Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Week In Review

Lauren's Week Off....ha! Ok, so the "Off" part never happened, but it was a nice week. I wish that I had more time to write the past few days. It just seems at night, after a long day of Noah chasing, I just don't have the energy or focus. When I write, I need lots of silence and nothing else that needs to be done. For those of you that don't know, I was diagnosed with "moderate to severe ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) at fourteen. I always go back and forth thinking it's a real, it's an's, it's just my personality. I took ritalin for some time and yes, it did help me to focus and calm down tons. I stopped, hoping to out grow my inability to sit and focus. Never happened, but I don't want to take a harsh drug as ritalin. Ironically, I was saying last week that maybe....maybe I would consider going on it again. I hate the idea but wonder if the reasons I have been so overwhelmed by motherhood are not so much Noah's energy level and lack of need for sleep, but rather my stress from not staying calm, not being able to focus
and multi-task as I should. Two of my docs have asked me to give it a try and said it would help me out. I would feel more calm about the busy days I have. I HATE when I have a bunch of "To Do's". I need to focus one at a time...medication would help me to focus on them all.
Ugh...tangent again. See, I do need to focus more! The point is that I love writing and it's so frustrating that no matter how much I want to, I rarely can, My spell check is broken on blogger also. Please ignore the mistakes. It hasn't worked for months actually...
I want to write and write well and develop a style! So, I'm calling two babysitters who posted adds in a local paper and after the grocery shopping is done, if I still have a bit of time left, I might write.
Wait, wait..that was a double tangent. The point of this post is what has gone on this week, so here goes....

Joshua came over this week.
Sarah had an appointment and can you belive the woman has been running around, training for a marathon with two fractured feet for MONTHS! Yeah, she's that tough. I think she got hurt a long time ago when we all went out to a disco for Nate's birthday. Don't ask, all I'll say is that it involved white, platform go go boots. Nate and Sarah are involved with "Team in Training". They are running a marathon this spring in Vancouver. They are doing it to raise money for cancer research. Nate's father is battling a rare cancer, multiple myeloma. Want to learn more, donate, encourage the team? Check Nate and Sarah's site HERE.

My Dad came to visit today! It was very good to see him. It's sad, I don't see him too often. Noah likes my father a lot and I hope we will visit him soon. He lives in beautiful Harbor Springs which is a little resort town on Lake Michigan. He "commutes" to work, working all over the world. Mainly in China right now. He is a shoe designer. Check out "Hale Bob". My Dad is their footwear and handbag designer in addition to some other clients like Antik Denim and Warmbat. Pretty cool, huh?

For some reason Noah was fascinated with Joshua's coat. He wouldn't leave it alone until I let him try it on. Cute coat Joshua!

Ha! I love this crazy doll that I found for Noah in a Berkley resale shop. He tag is in hebrew, so I call her "Mrs. Israeli Cool" because she "is really cool". Get it? Huh? Anyway, don't bother writing to tell me her red bows are a chocking hazard, I know...It'll be ok, don't worry. I don't let Noah hang out alone with Israeli chicks.

I love this picture. I call it simply "Fast". This is a vintage Fisher-Price toy that my Mom gave to Noah. He lives it. The bear plays the xylophone when you pull him. Noah zooms around with this guy.

Noah fell asleep in the car. Exciting, huh?

Check my fresh new kicks! These Tsubos were an anniversary gift from my kind husband. I ran all over Mom and Tot class in them this week. They are very comfortable! Oh, and Judy, check flickr for a picture of the flowers from Jon too.

Wow! I also made a mess this week. Anyone want to come over and fold Noah's laundry?

Oops! More from our playdate with Joshua!


Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there, Lauren:
Sounds like you've had a wild week.
Us too...the girls have been sick with their traditional asthma/cold mix. I am currently giving them their breathing treatments and then thinkin' of running over to Target just to get them out of the house!

I love you lots...I'm glad you got to spend some time with your dad.


p.s. I will pray that you don't need to go back on the ridlin...I know that stuff bothers you.

Judy said...

Okay, one question - are you taking all these photos with a camera phone or a digital camera? My camera is NEVER in a place where I can take cute pictures like this, and I'm too cheap to get the old camera phone yet, but maybe this will nudge me in that direction.

ROCKIN' shoes! And wow, your dad has an awesome job! Do you get freebies? (I know, that was kind of rude of me, but hey, its the Internet, so I can be that way a little right? RIGHT???) LOL

Anyway, those are some terrific pictures, and if your writing style is indicative of ADHD, then I suppose I should have myself checked out (you should see the random posts I have in my drafts - it is SCARY!).

brenda said...

There are a number of different ADHD drugs out there these days. A friend of mine started treating his ADHD recently, and his life is so much better. He functions almost normally in society.

If you can hack trying to find the right med, it could be really good for you.

If you're happy as you are though, screw 'em.