Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stocking Up

Isn't it fabulous to have an abundance of something? It almost doesn't matter what it is - toilet paper, confectioner's sugar, fountain pen refills, citrus fruit - it is comforting to know you have enough. For a while, anyway.

Sometimes I want to give my friends outlandish amounts of ordinary things for their birthdays - 80 pairs of tube socks, or 50 pounds of flour, or two years worth of toothpaste. At first they would think me deranged, but how quickly they would realize the pure freedom of not having to worry about something for a while. Want to eat a pint of ice cream every day for two months? Go ahead, you've got 60! Slice of cheddar? Don't mind if I do, there's 10 pounds in the fridge!

That's why yesterday at the grocery store I could not pass on 16 pounds of navel oranges for six dollars. I don't need 16 pounds of oranges at one time, but I am tickled to have them. When you only have half a dozen oranges, you can either eat them, juice them, make some granita, or put a couple in a tube sock and have an orange fight.* You can't do all four without getting some more oranges. When you have 16 pounds of oranges, it's not a problem. You just dig in, and two weeks later you can worry about what to do for more. I have a some moros (blood oranges) and minneolas on hand, the odd grapefruit and a couple of lemons, but for basic citrusy deliciousness, the navel orange makes my day, and tonight I sleep well, knowing I'll be able to have a pound or two with breakfast.


That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. - Ed.

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Judy said...

Not really sure I want to know about orange fighting in tube socks, but hey, whatever makes ya happy!

16 pounds for $6 is an AWESOME deal!