Friday, January 06, 2006

Mom and Tot Update

Well, we're back. Mom and Tot was fun today and designer duds or not, it was good to see the Moms and their kids. I normally wouldn't just take a picture of a woman's ass, but I just couldn't pass up the oppertunity, and anyway, this Mom has a nice ass. I took a picture because THESE are the jeans that I posted about earlier...the $250 jeans...

I walk into the classroom and the two Mothers in there had this conversation:
A:Oh my God, I LOVE your jeans!? Are they "True Religion" jeans?
B: Yes, I got two pairs of this style and you won't believe for how much!? They were on sale for $80!!! My other True Religions were $250!
A: Oh my God! Is the sale still on!?
B: No...sorry...
A: Uhhhhh....I paid $250 for mine and by the time I had them hemmed with the original cuff, they were $300 each!

In other news, one Mom brought her new Nana, a nice Polish girl, and another Mom just got back from a week in Florida and then a 10 day cruise with her husband. Must be nice.

Below are also two pics of what Noah did in class today. He went boating and ate plastic food.

*Just FYI..I know I make some of the Moms sounds bad, but actually, they are all nice people. It's just a crazy world in that class.g


Judy said...

Oh Noah looks sooooo cute!

I know what you mean about the nice yet freak-showish in a Nieman's sort of way moms...the moms where the boys go to school are EXACTLY that way. I leave every day with a big grin on my face at some of the things they say!

About the hair - you from Texas with that hair, girl? You'd fit right in! (and it is in the 70's here!)

As for the other pic - the 5 year ago pic - I don't think you look THAT different. I ought to post my wedding pic and my NoW pic - now THERE'S a difference!

Bree said...

Oh, I do not think I could handle it. I might have dropped out soley based on the asses alone. Thats a funny picture though!!!
Upon further investigation, I am not sure those pockets are the most flattering for $250.00. The pockets are kind of set far apart?

Congrats on Noah walking and eating plastic foods. Nothing like plastic corn, especially.