Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oh, Now I Get it

*This was written on 12/30/05, when Noah was 13 months old. I wish I could tell the old me that it gets easier to carve out "me" time, to hang in there...

Calgon, take me away, far away, or at least 30 feet from the whining. Now I get it, I finally understand why Moms "take baths". You know the scene, hot bubbly bath, candles, aromatherapy, hair up in a bun and NO baby and/or husband to be seen or heard, mostly. I had my very first "Mom bath" today, minus the candles. It was great, just what I needed. I realized that the only place in my home that I can truly be alone and indispensable is in the bathroom. You see, when Jon is home and taking care of Noah, I still feel "On Call". I've never been able to take the much needed step back,

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