Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Seething Anger Over TimesSelect Op-ed Choice"

By now everyone knows you have to pay to access New York Times Editorials online via TimesSelect. Steve Outing puts it this way on Poynter Online:

Something the Times may have damaged here is its global impact. While the advent of the Web presented challenges to the Times (and every other newspaper company), it also gave it the gift of expansive worldwide reach and new levels of influence. I do wonder if it's shot itself in the foot not with TimesSelect, which is a solid business model, but with including its popular op-ed columnists in that program.

If anything, I think that this is an understatement. Maybe TimesSelect is a solid business model - but everyone I know who reads the NYT online is extremely cheesed, me included.

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thekingofunk said...

you know i was also upset with the NYT. about the only thing i would read was the editorial content. that was only from time to time. my father was even more upset than i was. pretty much his only reason to use the internet was for times editorials. i have easily found free content elsewhere and i am sure he will too. they could have kept a loyal following of readers and made the money off of advertisers. it didn't make sense to me that in a time when people are turning to blogs and other non-mainstream sources for their news that the NYT would make it even harder for people to get decent news from a reputable source.(scandals and judith miller excluded)