Monday, September 05, 2005

Lunch with the Goldens

My friend Goldy is from Cleveland, and after we visited my grandmother we were invited to come by his parents' home for lunch. They are extremely hospitable and Noah got a chance to crawl around for a while before his long car ride back to Detroit.

This is Patches. She is Mr. and Mrs. Golden's cat, and you will notice that unlike most cats, Patches has a thumb. A working primate-like thumb that could be used to open a can of Spaghetti-O's or play Grand Theft Auto, were she so inclined. It's amazing.

This is Moses. She is the Goldens' other cat, and she is a big girl. She is also prone to hissing, which Noah got a huge kick out of.

Here are Noah and Mrs. Golden practicing that "buh-dee buh-dee buh-dee (That's all, folks)" noise that babies like to make when they have time on their hands. He loves that one, and we all had a very nice time.

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Judy said...

Those are some LARGE felines! I bet Noah had tons o fun with them!