Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let's Go State

My little sweet boy.xoxoxox

Whaaa...why do they make me wear these silly outfit with such a dumb collar?

Because Noah, you're so cute in it!

Happy again. Go State!


Kendra Lynn said...

Wow Lauren! Noah gets sweeter every day...:)
And you look GREAT! Wish I was as motivated as you to get into shape, etc. You are looking wonderful, and as beautiful as ever. :)
I love ya.

Jonathan said...

Judy, I lost your comment when I condensed these pics into a post, sorry about that.

'Go Longhorns' was the jist of it I think though, right?

Paul said...

Don't worry Noah! Uncle P is coming to save you!! I'm getting you a sweatshirt from a "real" school...
Go Blue!!
Michigan sweatshirt in route.