Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hot Tamales

My friend Roger brought me some awesome homemade beef tamales from a party store in Macomb County. It's way out near Mound and 21 Mile, but it's worth the drive, and he happened to be out there yesterday anyway. They are just loaded with cornmeal and shredded beef.

I managed to eat only two so I could have some for lunch today. It is not very easy to get a great tamale in our area outside of the city of Detroit, and it makes me wonder - does anyone else have this problem? If there is sufficient interest, I would not be averse to shipping these out on dry ice to people in need. Let me know what you think.


Kendra Lynn said...

Oh my goodness those look like WONDERFUL tamales! They bring back memories of church suppers at my friends' church in Detroit.
Ship some to me! :)

Sarah said...

Dude we used to live down the street from that store. Awesome tamales.