Thursday, September 29, 2005

Happy New Year!

L'Shana Tova! It's almost that time of year again, the Jewish new year!

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Jon and I are taking a Judaism 101 course at our temple. We thought it would be something to do together and it is. I have to say the best part so far is that we've met a wonderful new friend, Marlise AND for three weeks in a row now, I've gotten to go for a mocha after the class! At last night's class it was great because I got to win an argument that Jon and I had been debating. After Rosh Hashanah services, there is another type of service with prayer where you go to a living body of water and throw something into it on which you have transferred your sins of the year . As I'm sure you all believe me quite well, I have had no sins this past year, so I don't really need to go. That's not the point though, the point is, is that Jon said at this Tashlich service, they will swing a symbolic chicken around and I said; "Jon, there's no symbolic chicken in reformed baseball, I mean Tashlich". Temple Beth El holds their Tashlich down the street at the Franklin Cider Mill. Instead of throwing a poor, symbolic chicken in (Nasty) , we throw our donut crumbs in. On second thought, I need to go, I'm sure there are a few sins I could transfer onto the remains of a donut of mine or two...

One of my goals in life is to never have to attend a looooong, boring and semi-opressive High Holy Days service again . I've only been to two and that was enough! It's just not my thing. I was so psyched this year when I realize I get to stay home with Noah. He's too young to sit through two hours, let alone one. One of the reasons I am taking this class is to see if Rabbi David can break me of my religous skeptisim. Sure extra-terrestrials are real, and ghosts, but the messiah? Maybe next year the High Holly days will fit into my belief system, who knows.

The weird thing...most "bad" Jews only attend services on the High Holly days and not throughout the year. I'm just the opposite! I love Tot shabbat! You don't have to sit in a pew, you can move around, there's music and stories and even a craft table with snacks! I also like the family Kabbalat Shabbat! The same thing, not much sitting and a great dinner at the end with tons of brownies. That Temple Beth El catering staff, they're the best! So, I'm hopping the the large handful of shabbat services I attend throughout the year makes up for those High Holy days.

Well, L'Shana Tova Y'all. If I go to the Tashlich service, I'll save some cider and donuts for you.


Judy said...

I'm all for anyplace where food is involved!

Kendra Lynn said...

I agree that long, boring services are NOT my thing! I'm all for tradition and everything, but I'm also for LIFE! (Oh yeah...that's why I'm Apostolic Pentecostal, right?) :)
We have a couple boring services in a six month or year period. Other than that...things are hoppin'. :)
Love ya, Lauren. :)