Monday, September 05, 2005


Lauren and Noah and I went in Cleveland for the last couple of days. I went to go to the Cleveland Air Show ("Cleveland's Labor Day Tradition") to hand out foneGEAR pens and coupons on behalf of a customer that was sponsoring the show.

For me the highlight of the show was seeing the Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team.

F-16s rattled Downtown Cleveland and blew away the crowd. Figuratively.

We stayed at the downtown Hyatt, which is in one of the oldest shopping centers in America, the Cleveland Arcade. Our room was on the third floor of the Arcade. The hotel is lovely but flawed: there was an exuberant wedding reception on the main floor Saturday night, and the music kept us up. No one slept very well, so we decided to check out a day early and just go back to Detroit. It was an awesome band, we just weren't in the mood after driving a lot, walking all over and trying to find a good dinner in a mostly closed city.


Judy said...

Minus the loud music, it sounds like a neat place to stay. I remember when my older son was about a year old, we stayed at a hotel with an interior atriumish area like this. My husband was attending a convention, and the night of the big band was LOUD LOUD LOUD. After fighting Travis to get to sleep for about an hour, I finally caved and took him down to the party.

The next day was really rough...bad move on my part! HAHA

Anyway, airshows are always very cool. I hope Noah enjoyed it too!

Jonathan said...

He didn't go to the airshow, since he still freaks sometimes when we use the blender. He and Lauren discovered downtown Cleveland while I was there. There were a few things going on because of the holiday weekend.

It is an interesting hotel, and it has big rooms that used to be offices. It was not quite as new or clean as I would have expected from a hotel that is only 4 years old, so I am not sure if I would stay again. It was worth trying though, it was an interesting experience.