Tuesday, August 09, 2005

S.O.S. ! Please Send Willpower!

Why is it that I have less willpower now, than before Noah was born? You'd think becoming a Mother would make me stronger, more directed, solid! That's not quite the case. For example, when I was 13 I joined weight watchers and lost 30 pounds! I remember quite clearly that my day would include a healthy oatmeal breakfast, salad for lunch and a balanced dinner. No junk food passed my lips and I would hop on the tredmill or dance for almost an hour in our basement to mix tapes I made every night. By the way, how dorky I must have looked in about 1990 or so in my basement dancing all out to "Rhythm is a Dancer"(Jon loves this song!) and C&C Music Factory. Wait! Tangent time! By the way, once, my Dad was at a shoe show in New York and Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory was there promoting Kenneth Cole Shoes. My Dad knew I listened to them and had Freedom Williams call me. I swear, I had just gotten home from school and the phone rang. I said "Hello" and the voice on the other end said "Yo, yo yo! This is Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory!". Then I said "yeah, right"! and hung up thinking it was a prank call. It was pretty odd.

Ok, so, where was I? I had TONS of willpower and stuck with the diet and exercise and lost 30 pounds. It's SO much harder now! Why is that!? Maybe when you are 13, your 13 year old brain is a bit more simple and you don't think about the next time you will get an icy frappaccino. Yummm.

Actually, I do have to say that the "Mama Groove Diet" is not too bad. I drink 4 nutritious shakes a day, two snacks of fruit and a healthy dinner. The shakes are what our local hospital uses and perfect for me as they pack in 100%+ of your daily protein needs. I really don't like meat and don't have tons of time to make tofu dishes, so this will make sure I get enough protein. I do feel more peppy this week, it must be working!

My willpower isn't so great though. I think of junk food and carbs, oh carbs!! I love them!! I think about these a lot! I haven't cheated on the diet yet, but someone, PLEASE! Send me some extra willpower!

I will try to update on the diet as I go. Today is day number 5. As of yesterday, my Mom's scale said I lost 4.5 pounds since last week when I was weighed at the doctor's. ALTHOUGH, my friend who sees the same Dr. said their scale seems to be calibrated high.

If you want to learn more about the diet I am doing, click HERE.
If you want to learn about C&C Music Factory and Freedom Williams, click Here.
PS. I am still the same dorky 8th grader.

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Judy said...

Here's something to "chew" on (haha - yes, PUN intended)...it takes your body 21 days to break an addiction. If you can cut bad carbs or sugars or whatever you want to give up out of your diet for 21 days, your cravings will be all but gone.

I'm trying this is sodas right now (on day 3 now - "hi, my name is Judy and I've been soda-free for 3 days"), and then I'm hitting the big SUGAR next. I'm down 3.5 pounds from last week, just watching what I eat and cutting out those nasty Dr. Peppers!