Monday, August 08, 2005

Like, Should I Cut my Hair?

Alright guys, I need your help. I know this is really like, self-centered, but I am so worried because I don't know if I should cut my hair or not. Above are three little photos of the hairstyle I would like to get if I do cut it. I like Nicole Ritchie's style because it can look polished, be put up, and worn curly.

Here's the problem: I've been growing my hair for a year, and it's the longest it's been in ten years. I really like the way it makes me feel girly, but as most of you have seen, it's damaged and frizzy. Also, it takes a lot of time to dry or style and I just don't have the time anymore. That said, I feel prettier with long hair and it's taken so long, so what do I do!!??


Kendra Lynn said...

I say, grow it out...There are tons of things you can do to your hair to make it look better.
Trust me, I know...having never cut my hair myself.
My sister, Katie, has done hot oil treatments from time to time on her hair, and that helps tremendously.

PLUS>...according to Scott...every guy likes long hair. Its prettier and more feminine...not to mention sexy.

Just my input.
I think your hair looks GREAT long.

Lauren said...

Thanks Kendra. :) I do feel more pretty and girlie with my hair long. I've wanted to grow it for years but always gave up when it got too hard to style. I have used hot oil, you're right! I should do that again. My hair just hangs these days and I want a change from my regular old ponytail. Thanks for the input as alway!!!

Judy said...

I don't think you look like Slash, but I don't think the Nicole Richie cut would be that bad - it still has great length and can be worn up. I wish my face was thin enough to pull it off.

I usually grow my hair out during the summertime (for ponytail's sake) and cut it in the winter....just weird that way!

Jeremy said...

"That's hot."

Jeremy said...
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Anonymous said...

Yo Laurentula,

I say "do what you want".
That being said, as a guy, I do prefer long hair.
But you'll be pretty no matter WHAT you do. When ya got it, ya got it. So do what makes you feel better to you.
If you cut it and hate it, just grow it back.
If you decide to keep it long, just get a trim, use some of Katies hot oil, and love it.
Mo' love,