Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Would I be able to let out the pants?

I was tracking this auction in the hope that I could grab this sweet "Johnny Carson" suit in a 35 Short for 15 bucks. No such luck - here is my exchange with the seller:

"Hi, would I be able to let out the pants on this suit to a 32-inch waist? Thanks!"

Hi. The waist can be let out about another inch, but not two inches. Thanks for looking!

I guess some people are just not meant to wear pants. If you see a guy browsing sweaters at J. Crew in a gray suit coat and no pants, it's me, so wave.


Anonymous said...

Perfect outfit for this Friday. Check out http://www.nopantsday.com

Daniel said...

There are actually several situations where going pant-less is perfectly acceptable. For instance, when I was a contestant on the WGTE Public Television series "Brainstorm," the podiums so well concealed our legs that pants were seldom worn on set. Plus, the TV lights were very hot. I would imagine that Jeopardy is also a pants-optional situation. And do you think peter jennings wheres pants for the evening news? I doubt it.

Plus, as everyone knows, Steins have great legs.