Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Crankbot 5000

Just like his Dad "Steinbot 5000", I have discovered today that my son is also of robot origin. Presenting "Crankbot 5000". Crankbot, as he's known to those closest to him, is capable of being cranky, VERY cranky at times. I was forced by crankbot's powers to pull out the ear plugs today, although I did feel the pain of motherly guilt after about 2 seconds and took them out. This crankbot sure has strong powers.

In a moment of delirium brought on by sleep deprivation, and crankbot's electro-charge, I had a vision mid-diaper change. "Crankbot 5000" and his gang of crankbots take over the state of Michigan. Each one competing against the other to win the super fabulous prize: a new binkie. The challenge: to see which crankbot can force his mother into needing a drink first. My poor little crankbot might not win as I haven't had a drink yet today. Come to think of it, I haven't had a drink in oh... a year and a half!!! I suppose what I need more right now is a nap so I quit have wierd daydreams about my child being a crabby robot. I have decided to post this adorable picture of Crankbot so you can see his bionic cheeks. I am convinced that those cheeks must hold large sub-woofer speakers in them which amplify Cranbots calls when in need of a binkie.

1 comment:

Judy said...

Something THAT cute cannot possibly be THAT cranky! Just kidding!

At least you have the ultimate weapon - the binkie. Tyler refuses to use one - only wants the real deal. Ugh.

One thing that works for us - when Tyler gets the cranks, I turn him around 180 degrees (if he is sitting or laying down) and sing a quick song to a toy (like Row, Row, Row Your Boat), then turn and smile at him. Usually, he stops being such a fussy gus. It is almost like he thinks he is in a new life or something.

I feel your pain, though. You are certainly NOT alone!