Monday, May 02, 2005

When Blogs Collide

Look at this! We went to Trader Joe's to buy organic baby lettuces for the guinea pig, and look who we ran into:

This is Meagan and Adam and Kylinn. Cute family, right? Talk about a random - this was almost as odd as the time we saw Chuck Woolery walking around downtown Birmingham (almost - that was strange). It was nice to finally meet them. I have been told that there is a great place for pie out near where they live, so hopefully we'll get to try that soon.

The picture is in the parking lot because it only occurred to Lauren and I to get a picture after they walked out, so I had to go running out to get this before they left.


meagan said...

thanks, dude! you'll have to come out to eat at izzy's- it will blow your mind. the canoles are the size of adam's shoes (size 10!) no kidding. btw, have you tried diesel clothing? i wear a lot of that- it's pricey, but holds up well and runs small. they carry it at nordstrom, etc, and great bargains abound at

Jonathan said...

It's true, there is just nothing better than a size 10 cannoli.

Have not tried the Diesels. Don't they tend to look better on tall, willowy hair models? My people are built low to the ground to harvest root vegetables.

meagan said...

no, dude.

have you noticed that i, too an a root vegetable? the only key to wearing diesel, seven, banana republic, etc. is that you must lack a shape. since i have no waist (much like a teenage boy) i fit into this catagory.

good luck!