Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Floppy

Today we tried out a new shopping cart cover called the Floppy. Essentially it sits between your kid and your cart to keep shopping germs from getting on the baby, and it also acts as a cushion in case said child decides to do a header into the handle.

Noah is sitting up pretty well with support, so this makes more sense than putting his car seat into the cart, because he's safe but he has more interesting stuff to look at than the ceiling.

He has no interest in the Spanish wine behind him, but he loves that binkie strap (maybe more than the binkie).


Judy said...

You know what I love the most? The wrists - look at those wrists! Tyler has those too - looks like a rubber band is stuck on them! LOVE IT!

Love the Floppy - I actually just sold mine on ebay because I could get a mint for it, and I have another "type" of seat for Tyler now - I'll try and post a pic of it tomorrow sometime (we're going to the store tomorrow, so I am sure I will be using it! Just have to remember the camera - I'm too cheap to have a camera phone!).

Jonathan said...

That's good to know for when he outgrows it. By the way, a lot of the carriers are offering free camera phones now (with another 2-year contract, of course). It definitely makes candids easier - but you do have to have to pick a phone that will let you get the pictures out without using the carrier's (expensive) data service.

Judy said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the camera phone thing - our contract is up in October, so we shall see what I can do about it.

About that binkie strap - my older son was a BIG paci-boy. I miss that binkie strap! Tyler just looks at it and I'm sure says to himself, "That is NOT what I want in my mouth, Mama!" Ugh. What I would give for a pacifier some days! I'm off to post that pic before I forget!