Sunday, January 05, 2014

Winter Storm Ion. Ion?

This morning I my eyes popped open just before 7:00am, which is strange because 1.) it's the weekend and 2.) I went to bed super late after coming home from a party. (We went to our friend's house for a "smoked pork butt party," which is something that they made up, but turned out to be a huge hit. I had to forgo the meat, but the minute I stepped foot into their home, the smell was INCREDIBLE! It was amazing that the smoky scent of delicious barbecue could actually hang so heavy in the air. We have the most wonderful friends. It was so nice to spend time together at the end of the holidays. I feel really grateful for all of them).

We left our friend's quite late, around 11:00, and by the time we were home and everything was cleaned up and I finished replying to comments online, it was already 1:00am! So you'd think that I might sleep in a little today, but I just can't seem to go much past the 7:00am mark. (On weekdays I wake up at 6:00). I think my body is just programed to get up.

This morning though, one of the reasons that I both woke up and sprung up, was because I'm so excited for the snow!  When we briefly lived in San Francisco, one of the things that I missed the very most was seasons. I appreciate the changes and the weather so much.  We are supposed to be getting "Winter Storm Ion" today. I know that often times storms are a little "hyped" in the media, but winter storm Ion seems a little different. Not only is there the potential for a large amount of snow, but the tail end will bring days worth of sub-zero wind chills. Here's the latest prediction from Michigan Weather Watcher. We're in the red swath for 10"-15"!

That's A LOT of snow, and wind chills to -45 sound horrible!  I'm curious as to whether it will upgrade to a blizzard AND guess what? We might even get some 

Toledo is only an hour south. This article by Toledo meteorologist Ryan Wichman was going around. It explains a little bit as to why Ion might turn out to be significant.

But anyway, we're hunkering down. I'm pretty excited because it just looks so pretty out, and I love winter weather. Hopefully tomorrow is a snow day! I'm not ready to say "goodbye" to the easy days of Christmas break either. Noah's been off since December 20th! Also, Jon is the person who decides whether or not to close his office, so I wonder if Jon will have a snow day as well! We'll just have to wait and see. Although, he said that he really hopes to get into work, there's a lot to do. Maybe he can just work from home if the roads are too bad.

This morning couldn't have been nicer (inside). I sat on the couch in the window with my cup of hot coffee (of which I made extra this morning. I think we're going to need it with all of cold). The birds were chirping and eating as usual, and the little snow flakes continued to fall. I've seen the feral kitty twice this morning already. Thankfully he seems fine, just exploring the yard and then shimmying under the fence into our neighbor's yard. I put out extra food and Jon is about to re-shovel his path to the food and water bowls and to the shelter under our deck. 

We ok JON made cinnamon rolls this morning and they were incredibly delicious, and now I'm about to get ready and gear up to shovel some snow throughout the day. Which, I actually like! 
I think we'll walk over to our favorite, little coffee shop to see if they're open in the afternoon. And other than that, nothing much. I found some Lego building instructions online for the instruction booklets from out sets that I can't find. I also need to get going on making my winter/January window decorations. I'm thinking of a snowman and cardinal or hot chocolate theme.

And that's the scoop! For those of you expecting some snow and cold temps, please stay safe and warm out there. I know that storms like this can be dangerous, especially for those who lack a warm place to be, or for the people who must venture out to work to keep our cities and streets and communities going (whom I appreciate so much)! If you fall into the lucky category where you are both safe and warm, and you don't HAVE to venture the roads, if you can, try to imagine this as an opportunity to slow down, to be present in the moment, and to notice how beautiful and incredible nature can be. It's ironic that it is happening on this last day of vacation, but sometimes beyond holiday breaks, we don't have many forced quiet days like these snowy ones!

Until next time. 


Loulou said...

We're expecting the same storm and I've been waiting for it all morning ... so far, not much snow but we know it's coming. I'm not much for winter at all except for when there is a big snowfall. I just love going out in it!

Lauren said...

Hiya Loulou!

Yeah, I have a feeling that you usually get our weather several hours later. It looks sooooo pretty right now, so know that's coming your way!
Stay warm and safe. Thanks for the comment! :)