Friday, September 27, 2013

When Friends are Your Family Too

I love my friends. I really do. I just had to say that.

My family is not very close-knit, so my friends also make up what I consider my family.

This week I ran into my old friend Sarah and it MADE.MY.DAY!

We picked up and laughed and related as if I had just seen her yesterday, but in reality, it's been so long!

I'm still smiling and cracking up about our hyper-speed conversation as we wove our way through the aisles of Target. Which, is where I run into her EVERY TIME!  (It's me, not her. I go to Target obsessively. ugh. Nothing to be proud of.)

I'm so incredibly glad that I ran into Sarah. I laugh so hard when we talk, and I think she understands me well. Sarah has one of the biggest hearts that I know too.

I also connected over the phone with my good friend "I" on Thursday.  She is somebody that I am always just in awe of. She's wise and gentle and knowledgeable. She is a great thinker, I love that about her. Our conversations are deep and I appreciate that we can talk with each other that way, about all kinds of topics.

My life-long friend Laurie just moved to London for a Master's program. We're going to try to Skype, but we keep missing each other! Laurie is brilliant and fearless and adventuresome. She's also sweet and kind, such a rare mix. Laurie is a master at little, obscure jokes. She has me laughing every time. And then I think about her jokes again and I laugh all over. She is the same six year old pal in my mind, but maybe that's not fair of me. OR, it's the fact that the lucky girl never seems to age! What a lucky girl. :)

I don't know where I'd be without my friends. I wouldn't want to think about it!


LRW said...

Target is my 2nd home :)

Your friends are lucky to have you!

Loulou said...

Here's to friend's. I too am not close to most of my family and friends are so important. Sounds like you have some good ones.

My brother married my bestie from high school, so for a long while my best friend was also my sister-in-law. But then they broke up and that weirdness of 'who do you go with' set in. Of course I had to go with family, but I do miss my pal.

Sarah said...

Right back at you! Target is where all the cool kids are. I had so much fun I may go there daily just in case you come back :)

Lauren said...

LouLou! That's quite a story! So your brother married your best friend? Wow!
I'm sorry that you kind of had to choose. That must have been hard. Maybe time and distance will heal things a little? If so, perhaps then you could reconnect down the road. Although, I know I don't know any of the story.
Hope you're having a great weekend LouLou!

Lauren said...

Oh Sarah, I'd go to Target to find you ANY day!
Sooooooooooooooooo glad to see you.