Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback Friday

Because it Friday, let's take a look at what was posted to my Flickr photo stream  in the last week in September since 2005.

2005 - Poor Noah, I had the urge to get crafty, and made him what I thought at the time was a FABULOUS felt hat a' la Oilily

2006 - His first jean jacket. :)

2007 - A strange "selfie" of Priya and I. This is what happens when you're chasing a two-year-old all day. You end up exhausted on the floor. I miss Priya....

2008 - Cute shoes and a Thomas the Tank Engine book. Noah and Jon relaxing on the porch. 

2011 - Now I can't cheat, so there are no 2009 or 2010 pictures because I didn't post the last week of September in those years. And since I couldn't decide on a favorite from 2011, I'll use three!

Uncle Ilya came into town. This was just before we move into our new house. We had Ilya over to show him our soon-to-be home, and then took a nighttime walk around town.

Total relief and excitement! The "Mini-pool" was nothing more than a crumbling L-shaped pond/wadding pool by the time we bought the house. It was a long time before we knew if :
A.) we could even save the mini-pool and B.) what we would do to fix it!  It tool forever to figure it all out and to find a company who could help. Here's Noah right after it was fixed. Phew!

An old, old nail. I found these antique nails all over as the renovation was going on. They're square-headed nails. You can read more about them here!

2012 - Jon yelled to me to hurry and come outside! There was a giant praying mantis! Isn't it cool!?

And, I just had to include this sweet collage. This was the week after my little fur baby Willow came home. She's so sweet. I love her. :)

2013 - One more for good measure. Willow still being cute.

Have a great weekend!!


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