Sunday, March 18, 2012

Functionality + Aesthetics = Ultimate Design

Do you talk to yourself too, when nobody is around?
I'll tell you a little secret, so do I.

As a matter if fact, just Friday, I recorded a half-hour "seminar" on function and design in residential settings.
Yeah.....a seminar....for all (That are imaginary....) Omg.
When you're cleaning the house and you have a phone with a digital recorder and it just feels too quite, why not lead a three credit course in your head? Or in my case, out loud to NOBODY.

Strange, I know.

What kicked this off though, was watching the following video earlier in the day. I was moved! I was inspired! I was totally taken in by this example of great design.

Artist Jihyun Ryou created a most gorgeous system for storing fruits and vegetables without the use of a refrigerator. You'll have the watch the short, beautifully shot film for all of the details, but Jihyun tapped old-rooted storage techniques (no pun intended) to improve and beautify what we have today!

Don't you want one of her systems now? I know I do!

Ironically...... a couple hours after leading my "Seminar", I received an email from the editor-in-chief at a yet to be divulged , large, glossy Detroit magazine. They'd like to come in an take some photographs and do a piece on our home and its story. She said that she "liked my style". Eh hem hem.

Perhaps someday, maybe, real live people will come listen to my "seminar". LOL. ;)
Until then, I can only dream.......

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Judy said...

Wow. I loved that video (the one of the fruits and veggies, not your yet-to-be-public seminar, of course). Inspirational and makes me sad for my mistreated veggies and fruits!