Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looking Good! NOT.

OMG. Ok, so it needs a little more work. Action has now started on the outside. Awesome! All of that pinky-white on the front of the house, it's cedar board, primed and ready to go! I'm so glad we didn't choose pinky-white as our paint color. Just scrape the rest of the house, slap on a coat of warm yellow, some shutters, porch lights, house numbers, sand and paint the fence, re-do the landscaping, add a new roof, rebuild the chimney, rebuild the front porch and we're ready to go! Lol.
(P.S. WHAT is that stuff covering our windows!? I think it's soap. I should ask. They're painting all of the interior trim, and whatever the heck that is, keeps the paint off the windows.)

A boy and his cat.

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