Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lolo's Wish List

Right now on QVC, they're running a show called Bethlehem Lights Seasonal Lighting. You guys, it's August. They're selling table runners that have tiny, twinkling lights inside. It's Santa's Special Offers time on QVC! WOOT!
You might be relieved to know that, no, I'm not sitting here watching QVC, eyeing myself some kind of new Christmas decor. It's just background noise. The Millionaire Matchmaker re-runs would be much too distracting while I attempt to blog.

A little while ago I came home from Target. Some of my friends joke about how much I frequent that joint. The truth is, I go there a lot, but it's almost always only for the necessities like toothpaste, kitty little, toilet paper and my gold plated dental floss. My Target also carries things like organic milk, and other groceries at very competitive prices! So, yes, you could say I have reasons to go.

Tonight though, I slipped away while Jon hung out with Noah, to find something nice to wear for next week. Next Tuesday I am going to be speaking once again at the lower school new parent orientation at Noah's school! I feel honored, and public speaking gives me a rush. It's SO scary and so much fun at the same time. Jon and I chaired the school's big, fundraising auction last year. It was a quite the event, a silent and live auction, and lovely dinner at the Detroit Athletic Club downtown. Together, we raised over $100,000! Part of my duties was having to speak in front of over 250 people! Yikes! (I secretly loved every minute of it.) ;)

So needing to look presentable and semi-creditable next week, (I'm the volunteer vice president of lower school new families. I have to seem like I know what I'm doing.) I headed to Target. And cruising those aisles it kind of hit me.... Gosh, I wish I didn't feel too guilty to go shoping at clothing stores. I love Target. I love love LOVE Target, and I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be in the position to buy a new outfit period! But, I kind of longed and imagined walking into Ann Taylor or Banana Republic or an Anthropologie without feeling guilty. Like, I shouldn't "waste" our money. It's my mental block, I know that. It's self-imposed guilt.

I've never been a big spender. It just doesn't interest me. Little is worth big bucks when you can find something nice at a lower price-point or on sale. Jon and I both, we're pretty conservative when it comes to shopping. That's why this house renovation has really be an EYE OPENER to me. All along, all these years, I guess I could have spent a little on things we wanted. I see that now, because we've had to buy stupid porch lights, FOUR of them, and a stove and a dishwasher and three sinks and OMG, so much stuff and....we just went out and purchased them.

And now all of this spending has made me feel even more worried and guilty about buying anything extra. This post isn't really for anyone by myself, kind of like a running list. I thought I would put my wish list out there. Things that I really need or want, but I know won't allow myself to buy this year. A lot of it is stuff I wouldn't let myself buy last year, or the year before that too.

Sometimes, seeing a list, really brings things into focus. It helps you cross things off, strive for others, and allows you to come back and reassess later. So, without further ado, Lolo's Wish list!
  1. A sensible, but cute pair of brown leather boots or booties for the fall and winter.
  2. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. I really need this, I do. My skin went through the ringer from stress this past year. :(
  3. A Sodastream system We drink A LOT of sparkling water in our house. It's a good way to get in water, when I'm not the biggest fan of tap water. We usually drink Le Croix or Trader Joe's seltzer water, but after doing the math, the Sodastream would save us a lot of money. Only twenty-five cents a liter! We've been talking about getting one for at least two years. "Talking" being the key word. We should have just gone for it.
  4. Some new cold weather clothes. Last year I was always dressing a bit more formal and dressed up because I had auction meetings several time a weeks. This year, I've decided that my Fall/Winter style is going to be "SOFT RELAXED COMFY". I've always loved cotton, it's my favorite fabric more than anything. So first thing is soft, cotton clothes. Next, I think jeans aren't too comfy. You know what is comfy? Soft, thick tights or leggings under dresses. Dresses are so easy, AND you often get more outfit bang for your buck! I want to do plaids for fall and waffle knits, and lots of winter pastels for well, winter! Title Nine dresses look sporty and comfortable. Want to hear something funny? I love the Lands End girl's cotton dresses. The prints are cute! They were on sale so I bought myself one in the largest size. It arrived and fit quite well surprisingly, but, I looked like I was wearing a big nightgown. Lol. Ok, no more girl's clothing.
  5. I'd really really love a Shark steam mop for the floors. I know, boring, but I think it would come in very handy, especially in the new place.
  6. A weekend away with Jon. I don't care where we go. Heck, let's not go anywhere! Just to have some time together to do something fun and forget about the stresses of life, that would be SO wonderful. We've only gone out on a date night a few times this summer, but two of those times we had to cut the night short because Noah was upset. It's been a long few months, I'd give anything for a Greenfield Village day or a quiet weekend up north. Priceless.
  7. A book with recipes, crafts and home remedies from the 1800's, like The American Frugal Housewife!
  8. A prairie dress with pinafore and bonnet, so I can wear it around and sweep my front porch in it to freak out people driving by. And, so I can wear it to Greenfield Village!
  9. A Singer 151 Adjustable Dressform. (I'd get it off eBay though. Much cheaper!) I've wanted an adjustable dressform for years. It lets you to drape patterns and sew things to your exact shape and size. Think of all the money I could save by making my own clothes. It would be so much fun.
Ok, that's my list for now. SO EXCITING! Lol. Sorry, I know, kind of lame. xoxo

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