Friday, June 18, 2010

Profundity in the Garden

Sometimes when children speak, the very best thing to do is to still yourself and just listen. I wanted to record this little anecdote so I'll always remember his wisdom.

A little background: we're not a religious family, in fact, for all practical definitions, we're rather a-religious. We have dabbled in secular, humanistic Judaism, but there's no talk of God there, nor has Noah had any religious education, so I'm pretty sure the following came from inside.

Noah and Jon were in the fruit and vegetable garden this evening, inspecting our newly flowering broccoli and the lush, red strawberries that are starting to ripen. I was near by, playing with the hose when Noah suddenly and without a warning, leaped into the air, over the tiny tomato bush and past the peppers. "Mom!" he said in a firm voice, never wavering with doubt;
"Mom, I think that God is the Universe. I think that God is the energy in everything!
God is our food and our drinks and the energy that makes us go, and the energy that
makes animals live. God is the energy that make plants grow."
And then he smiled a HUGE smile, did a spin and danced away.

And just like that, without any expensive new-age books, or seminars or video tapes or meditation circles, my five-year-old son single-handedly described the belief that took me nearly thirty years to come to:

The oneness, that is the energy that connects us all.

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make_it_count said...

I think Noah's been watching too much 700 club or too many Steven Hawking documentaries on PBS. Either way - too much.